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    I couldn't find this specific issue anywhere (I saw all the issue w/unread mail), is anybody else having this problem? My versamail POP account is not limiting the mail it downloads to mail w/in the last week per the setting. I deleted the account the first time this happened and it worked ok for awhile, then it just downloaded everything, so I've got mail from last September (I know, maybe I ought to clean out my inbox).

    I'm on Cingular using a POP account to Comcast. I also have a Exchange Activesync account to my corp email and that one seems to handle the 1 week setting properly.

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    Yeah, you should clean out your inbox =)

    You say this works right after you set up the account? Are you then deleting any VersaMail specific databases in the meantime (maybe deleting a cache file)? Is the POP server one of the standard POP servers (Yahoo, Comcast, etc) and not something like Bob's POP Server (maybe doesn't support certain POP commands)?
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    I guess I'm surprised that the POP server would even play a part in this - it should just be downloading data from the last week so I would think that VersaMail would just look at the date of the message and today and decide - it shouldn't mater what's in the cache or whether or not the POP servers supports anything.

    But, I'm using the Comcast POP server and once I deleted the account and recreated, I haven't deleted any cache files or anything else specific to Versamail.
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    The pop server just tells it to do what you want it to do.

    When you retrieve your emails, most email clients will send a delete command to the server telling it to purge the file from it's disk. Some email cilents will just check your inbox for the last message retrieved then tell the server to continue where it left off but not send the delete command and when you go to check it from another program you suddenly have leftovers from last year.

    You just have to make sure you are set up to have the program delete mail after it's successfully received.
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    Actually, I don't want it to delete messages at all. Versamail has an option to only download mail from the last n days or weeks (mine set to 1 week). Typically when checking for mail, Versamail would cancel the download of messages when it found messages older than my setting.

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