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    I bought a Sprint Treo 650 this past weekend and included in the box was a 4" cable that I just can't figure out. There's a drawing of it in the user's manual on page 8 where it's described as a "Sprint Charger Adapter". One end plugs into the bottom of the Treo, and the other is a 5mm diameter female socket that plugs into...what???

    The outside of the box says there's a "Travel Charger" included. But there were only two other cables (other than the mystery cable) inside: one is the AC line and the other is the USB cabel. Could the "Sprint Charger Adapter" be the "Travel Charger".

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    the travel charger is the ac line you mentioned.

    The extra cable is just what it says. An adapter for using the very common Sprint charger. It has a 5mm male plug and it used for most Sprint phones. It's a good idea to check the specs of the adapter before using it though.

    Hope this helps.
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