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    Hey! Solus Pro 2.0 finally debuted on Delorme's site (apparently, it's been available for a few weeks offline). I promptly downloaded it, and tried to download a local map of my town. But on the Mapmaker site, I can't download any vector (Solus 2.0) maps, only raster.

    Am I doing something stupid, or can I assume the site just isn't quite bug free yet? Any info you guys have would be appreciated.
    - Sean
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    No, you're not seeing things. Not only is their vector download feature broken, but Solus Basic 2.0 (SoB2) can't even load Solus 1.5 raster maps. I renamed some old 1.5 maps to SolusBasic-Map.pdb, but SoB2 refuses to load any of them. However, it does load the route directions properly. The GPS link feature also seems to be disabled in SoB2.

    So, SoB2 is useless for me right now. SoB2 has some promising features, but doesn't appear to be ready for prime time. There's no way I'm going to pay $40 for Solus Pro 2.0 when SoB2 and MapConnect's Solus 2.0 features are obviously buggy.

    I have since reinstalled Solus Pro 1.5 on my Visor. At least it's reliable and I really like the new (raster) maps I downloaded recently. They appear to be from Street Atlas USA 8.0. I think I'd rather spend $45 on a copy of Street Atlas USA 8.0 instead.

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    Sean and Wayne,
    I downloaded Solus Pro 2.0 on 9/1/00 and also had the problem of not being about to get vector maps from MapConnect. I tried to e-mail customer support and got a form letter back (very disappointing). So, I just got the raster maps and used them for a trip I was taking this past weekend. Upon my return I tried to download vector maps again (last night) and was able to get them. So it looks like the problems they were having with the site have been resolved. I would recommend trying again.

    I will say that Solus Pro 2.0 worked very well for my trip. Maps all functioned well and the directions and beeping before turns was very handy. It also seems to interface the vector and raster maps very well, overlaying the raster maps with vector information where it is present - this was much cooler than it sounds and totally seamless. The only problems I have had is that the satellite view does not show me what satellites are ACTUALLY locked on. It shows their position but does not show that any are locked, when some obviously are. I have also experienced some problems with the MapConnect site not recognizing that I am a registered user and displaying the register fields when I try to open it. This is most easily solved by clicking on the "MapConnect Register" option that is in the Start menu.

    - Ryan
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    I also wanted to note that I read on WaC's web page that Solus Pro 1.5 allows the Visor to turn off while Solus is running based on the Visor's auto-off function. This is not the case for Solus Pro 2.0. Once you start the application it must over-ride the auto-off function as the Visor will stay on indefinitely even if you don't interact with the unit. I believe this is a common feature for GPS programs to have, I guess it was just left out in version 1.5.

    - Ryan

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