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    I ask because I am dying to get one because I love the features of a pda integrated into a cell phone. But after reading the forums here I read thread after thread of problems with them having to be reset and the buzzing etc.

    How many of you have them and have had no problems with them?
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    I really love my Treo 600. Like you I really wanted a phone/palm integrated and I'm glad I waited for the 600. I have Verizon and haven't had any trouble until I installed their update. The updated software itself wasn't the problem but it didn't work really well with some preferences that were in the previous software versions (at least that is my take on it). In the end, to solve the problem I performed a hard reset, created a new user name, and then dragged and dropped all my important software and databases from the palm backup directory (from my old user name) into the hotsync install tool of the new user name, performed a hotsync and I was back in business.

    Besides the update headache I wouldn't complain. It is a great platform. My brother in law just purchases a 650 with Cingular and had a few issues (I think they rushed it out a few weeks too early) but they sent him a new one and it works great as well.

    So my recommendation is: fantastic. If you get a new one today it will probably have all the updates in it anyway and you won't have to do anything.

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    I've had my Treo 600 with Tmobile for 13 months now, and it's great. I've heard about the 650's issues, and it's also expensive. Personally I will wait another Treo generation or so until I upgrade mine.

    There's a good deal at CompUSA now...$249 (after rebates) for the Tmobile (with activation) Treo 600 + free Jabra bluetooth adapter/headset. I'll be going there in the morning to get it for my wife.

    Once you use the Treo, you'll wonder how you did without it for so long!
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    Personally I think it is crazy to spent a ton on those Treo 650s. You can pic up a 600 on ebay for 250 with no phone contracts. I use mine on tmobile and have had it for 13 months also. For $70 tmobile will replace the phone if it messes up (they do it for free if it is less than a year old, and you purchased from them) and $70 if u bought on ebay like I did. Don't go after the 650... The 600 is more reliable. Get the 600 now, and be happy till the next treo generation.
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    I wanted the Treo 600 since its initial release, but Tmobile dragged its feet in offering its version. I wound up waiting until this past December, a point when all the kinks had been addressed with updates. Those updates were already installed on the Treo 600 when I purchased, so it's been smooth sailing. Any resets I've encountered were induced by 3rd party apps-- ToySoft products (any of 'em) being a prime offender. Otherwise, there have been no hassles and only sheer joy.

    I had a Nokia 3650, which was super as a phone-- Treo 600 is equally clear with a robust antenna for strong signals, so I've lost nothing. Color Sidekick handled my email and web browsing. Again, Tmo gives me always-on push email (using Chatter EMail {$32- one time fee}), and browsing is better (I replaced Blazer with Xino). Sony's TH55 handled my PIM chores. Honestly, it did take some time for me to get used to the Treo's lo-res screen, but I'm ok with it now, esp. given the full package.

    In short, I could have purchased the Treo 650, but decided to go with the 600 to avoid the growing pains lingering with the 650. I feel relatively secure in stating that you'll likely be thrilled with your 600 purchase, and will berate yourself only for waiting so long.
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    My 600 has been reliable. In times of failure, Sprint has replaced it, and with a backup, I was back in business. When the 650 hit the shelves, I was one of the first that was going to upgrade; but the "out the box bugs" made me decide to wait. As it stands now, IMHO, I dont think the 650 would do any more for me than the 600 is doing now.
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    Mine's great, had to switch my cellphone provider (and phone #) that I'd had since 1989 to get one. I had a cellphone and PDA separately until then. My Treo's worked fine, other than a problem with a dead spot on the screen that showed up about 1.5 months after I got it, P1 replaced it, replacement has worked fine. I have GSM in Canada, I think reception quality depends on what you have, and whether you stay in the city or go far afield. If you currently use a cellphone + PDA you'll absolutely love having them integrated into one.
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    On my original Sprint Treo 600 since Oct '04. No problems. Won't trade up til it breaks or gets stolen.
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    If you don't already have a 600, then I would recommend the 650. You can read about all the benefits (and there are plenty of posts about it) especially with the ROM patch just released.

    You can't go wrong with a used 600 off ebay either. I am on my original 600 through sprint that I bought off ebay for the last year. You'll love all the ways you can use it (convergence is awesome).
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    Got my TREO 600 the first week it was available for GSM (Cingular.) I have been so satisfied that I did not consider upgrading to the 650: COST, questions on reliability, etc.

    Before my 600 it was cell phone plus Palm. Too much to carry. Now one device for verything. I am total hooked.

    What some people complain about as limitations, I have ajusted to and found ways to work everything I want to do into the way the TREO works. In other words, I an flexible and have found ways to make the TREO work for me.

    Seems that some folks act like since the device does not work the way they dream, that it is not flexible enought to work for them. I have found ways the the device works and have made it work for me.

    The more you use it the more useful it becomes. It's become my AMEX, I never leave home without it.

    Since the 650 is different in operation, memory requirements, and availability, I think I'll just keep on going with my tried and true 600.
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    I've had mine for almost 17 months, original unit. I recently had the buzzing problem, but the aluminum foil wrap fix solved it. That fix emboldened me to change the battery, too, which had suffered a bit. I use it constantly for email and it makes me significantly more productive since I have email everywhere. Sometimes I'll leave the laptop at home on overnight business trips and just use the 600. The screen is good, the camera sucks. I listen to MP3s on the plane. I always have my calendar and contacts with me. If you like convergence, it is excellent. I don't feel the need to upgrade to the 650 (I upgraded from the 270 as soon as the 600 came out) which speaks well for the 600.

    Given the memory problems in the 650, I wouldn't buy one anyway -- just how are they going to fix that? It isn't as simple as flashing the ROM because it requires reorganizing the RAM, and how do you run the program that reoganizes the RAM, without using RAM? I wouldn't find it surprising if they ultimately have to replace all those 650 units.
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    There are new threads on the memory fix. It is changing the way the OS is utilizing memory. A lot of people are getting a couple extra megs of space freed up (because of the way the calendar/contacts are saved.) -Probably 3-6mb on average.

    The 600 is great, don't get me wrong. BUT if I am going to spend $250 on a 600, then kick in the extra $69 bucks and get the 650. My .02
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    I agree. I love my 600. But if I was buying new? 650 in a heartbeat
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    I love my Treo 600, I'm willing to wait until the beta testers figure out everything wrong with the Treo 650. I'm on verizon as well, so it's not available to me, but I'm happy to wait.

    The new treo? Other than being better at showing off digital pictures, I'm not convinced that it would make a world of difference. The Treo 600 screen is low-res but it is very bright and readable so I haven't really noted much of a difference for work-related tasks.
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    The Treo 600 is lacking some fundamental functionality out of the box so you will find yourself engrossed in learning what's out there to add and continuously tweek your Treo to make it perform the way you need it to. I found myself (and still do) in a never-ending research project on how to improve my Treo. It is major time-suckage so beware and enjoy.
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    Treo 600 is a great deal right now for anyone who cannot get out of a contract. eBay has them cheap (i paid the bargain price of $400 a year ago!!! come on who's with me!) at $250. And get any GSM phone on ebay, then you can get it unlocked for free! (PM me if you cannot find the program) I'm trying to get my gf to switch from her Samsung e715 to a Treo...
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    Quote Originally Posted by jadams951
    I ask because I am dying to get one because I love the features of a pda integrated into a cell phone. But after reading the forums here I read thread after thread of problems with them having to be reset and the buzzing etc.

    How many of you have them and have had no problems with them?
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    i had a Tmobile Sidekick/Sidekick II for about a year...device is stuck on a terrible carrier in Tmobile...also being heldback by no third party software support. and i got my 600 pretty cheap on ebay!

    I love the Treo 600 on Cingular. 100% satisfied.
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    I would have gone to 650 had TMobile had it. far I like it but don't absolutely love it.
    Using Documents to go Total Office: I lose the zoom feature that I had on my Tungsten.
    No Bluetooth grrrrr I loved using my Bluetooth on my Tungsten.
    I did find a wireless headphone adapter for the T600 though hmmmmm
    Not much ZLauncher work out there being done for T600 because of the low res.
    I guess what I was expecting was a Tungsten/Phone in this T600 deal..wishful thinking eh
    Oh..and I sent email to RealOne Player to find out why they don't support T600 like they do on Tungsten..I love that player! Pocket Tunes are sooo hmmmm amature?
    P.S. This is my first post..found this place reseaching areas for Launcher Apps for my T600...sooooo HELLOOOOO PEEPS!
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    Yes, this is worth it totally. I love the PDA with cell phone integrated. So now I don't have to carry two devices with me. I only carry one. :-)
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