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    Hi All

    After receiving a brand new unit from ATT Wireless (I actually got a Cingular unit, but no Cingular logo on outside of unit itself, just operating logo) i moved my SIM over from my existing Treo 600.

    Everything worked great until....I clicked on Bluetooth ON. that locked the phone up totally. A Warm reset would not bring the phone back up, only a Hard Reset. I first called ATT and got through to PDA Support (their words not mine) They guy tells me after 40 minutes of waiting that ATT does not support Bluetooth, and that I needed to call Palm (ok lame i know)

    I call Palm and after talking with them for awhile (over 2 hours) with them trying all sorts of things, the unit still freaks. They said to call ATT back and tell them to replace the unit

    I then call ATT and get a new person (after only waiting 20 minutes this time on hold) who tells me I should migrate to Cingular. I explain I have a shared minute plan, and I would do it if I could use my existing Treo 600 on Cingular. She explained the phone is locked to ATT. I said give me unlock code so I can use on Cingular. She said she cant do that. So instead she will leave me on ATT and send a replacement unit in 1 or 2 days.

    I originally stayed home sick today....good thing I did!

    Other than that the phone is nice. I have used all my existing apps without a prob (SSH, upIRC, etc) without a problem at all.

    Need to find a PGP for it now so I can mount a PGP volume on my 1 Gig SD card

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    Similarly, as a subscriber of ATTWS I bought the ATTWS-locked T650. Like you I moved the SIM card from my T600 and the T650 immediately started acting up. I called ATTWS where the tech rep tried to convince me to switch to Cingular. (I won't switch, because I have the ATTWS GSM charter contract - $100/mo. unlimited, no roaming no long distance plus $25/mo. for unlimited data.) Since I received a blank ATTWS SIM card with the new T650, I convinced the rep to enter the code of the "virgin" SIM into their system. That brought the T650 back to its senses. Now the problems are in the handshaking (or lack of it) between Versamail and the ATTWS preinstalled software. Versamail is practically useless for email and causes frequent soft resets. The P1 techs don't have a clue and the ATTWS techs tell you to switch to Cingular...

    I would feel better if I knew that the P1 engineers and techs are reading the enormous volume of griping about the T650 in these forums and are doing something about it. Somehow I doubt it.

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    I bought the ATTWS locked 650, used my SIM from my ATTWS 600 and had no problems (never activated the blank SIM that came with the phone since my old one worked fine).

    Sorry you guys had problems though
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    Dang! That's a great rate plan, emouchly.

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