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    I see Missing Sync offers AvantGo support, but is that program necessary given that the 650 can browse any website? If my data plan is unlimited with Cingular, is there a need for avantgo?
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    Personally, I like avantgo because it grabs a bunch of content I like to read all at once, so reading through it is a lot faster than browsing to five different web sites.
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    I don't get service in the building I work out of. AvantGo lets me sync up on the ride in and have the channels handy during the course of the day.
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    If you are about to board a plane, you can download all of your channels. Then if you're lucky enough to have a knowleable flight attendant, you can then view all of your channels while the radio feature if turned off during the flight.
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    Two reasons I like it:

    1) Airplanes
    2) Bathroom reading material (phones frequently don't work in the rest room)

    Ohhh... and AT&T charges an arm and a leg for data, so I don't go online much.
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    I have missing sync 4.04 and I can't get Avantgo to work! I have the latest Avantgo software for my Treo600 (5.7 build 35). My account is acitve. Don't know what else to do.
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    The answer is that you don't need Avantgo on your Mac but it could be helpful (faster syncs, syncing with no wireless signal, etc.). However, you can sync wirelessly through the avantgo server, that it what I do with my Sprint 650.

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