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    Hello all,
    My office allows me to get me office e-mail through a web browser with Outlook Web Access. Has anyone tried this with a web broswer on the Palm? How well does it work?

    I'm considering getting a modem finally, and this could play a big part in that decision.
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    The Outlook web access relies heavily on Java, frames etc... things that simply don't work very well, if at all with Palm yet, if ever. I was able to take mine as far as the logon screen, at which point the Visor refused to go further. I tried it with the Avant Go browser and the Proxi Web. I found that a better solution for checking corporate email was to use a POP3 and SMTP server, using Eudora palm client. Your company may or may not have a POP server for checking email. If not, you could try setting up an Outlook Out of Office rule that automatically forwards your incoming email to a POP server elsewhere. Good luck!

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