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    I have just started getting into using my Treo 600 on my PB and I was hoping for some help. I have no clue how to get files onto the Treo? Aside from using the installer for apps and libraries, how do I transfer over photos to use for backgrounds and stuff? Is there a way to just mount the SD card? Are the photos in a specific format? I tried iTreo but that's only for getting photos off the treo.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I use the Missing Sync to mount my SD card to the desktop. I really really like the program.
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    I am curious as to why everyone uses this program. I can sync my data using HotSync with iCal and Address Book without any problems. So I am paying $40 to mount my SD card? This seems crazy...
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    You also are looking at vendor that will provide support for the Mac and improves their product often with customer feedback (and has had an excellent case record) where palmOne has no plans for future development of Palm desktop for Mac.

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    Also nice seamless integration with iPhoto and iTunes. I also found that Palm Desktop always created double calendar entries on my two Macs, iPod, and Treo. I just found it a generally unstable and unpleasant program. Missing Sync has been well worth my money for its useability and stability.

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