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    I somehow wound up with both the Memos and Memo conduits in my Sync Manager. Which one runs memos for the Treo 650?

    And Tasks or ToDo? I'm assuming Tasks


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    I can't remember because I use Sticky Brain now for Memos, but I think either one will. Try alternately turning them off and on.
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    I use the Missing Sync's memo conduit now.
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    If (and presumably when) you upgraded to a T650, the names of the apps and the conduits changed, and are now fully duplicated. I haven't tried to disable one or the other to see what works. Another 'feature' of the new OS.
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    For Treo 650, one should use Memos and Tasks and disable the other two, Todo and Memopad. Memos and Tasks conduits will synchronization additional fields introduced in the newer devices from palmOne.

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