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    AIM 1.0 for Palm OS is now available to all Internet users at
    In the left side frames section click on Palm 1.0.

    AIM 1.0 for Palm OS allows AOL and Internet users to
    maintain Buddy Lists and exchange Instant Messages.

    The direct link is
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    I've been beta testing AIM for a while, and its always been really good. It hooks into the quickbuddy system, so, if you setup quickbuddy on your computer, your buddy list will be on the Palm version. A great idea. Thanks AOL!
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    Just wondering why some people prefer AIM over ICQ. Since the last version of AIM I tried out didn't allow you to send messages to people that were offline. I use the beta/alpha/whatever version of ICQ for palm, and really enjoy it. Works great with my stowaway.
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    Charo, I second James' response. Thank you for sharing the information about AIM. I used the beta version extensively and was very satisfied.

    ICQ is a great program too, but many of my colleaques and friends are avid AIM users, so ICQ takes a back seat. Guess AOL does a better job of marketing.
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    ICQ takes a back seat. Guess AOL does a better
    job of marketing.
    Actually AOL owns both AIM and ICQ so maybe they like pushing their own program as opposed to a company they bought out. And as a result of the ICQ purchase they are now the largest instant messaging company in the world. It seems that they are trying to keep their stronghold on the IM market by expanding into wireless.
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    1. Screen names are easier to remember than numbers.

    2. As for sending messages to people when they're offline -- that's what e-mail is for.

    However, I still think AIM is a sloppy client. There is room for improvement and also a lot of features that should be removed. I just hope the PalmOS client stays simple.
    Trinition (
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    Originally posted by Trinition
    1. Screen names are easier to remember than numbers.
    Uh, you only need someone's ICQ number ONCE. After that, you just double click. Who needs to remember numbers?

    2. As for sending messages to people when they're offline -- that's what e-mail is for.
    Email is too formal. If I want to send a quick note or reminder to someone, I will just use ICQ (who wants to wait a whole 4 seconds for the Email Client to bootup anyways? ). Also, Email doesn't get checked nearly as often as ICQ (for the majority of people I know anyway)
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    Email is too formal.
    1st time I ever heard of email being too formal.

    If anyone doesn't like AIM use ICQ. The beta version is available for the Palm OS. And Version 1.0 will probably be out very shortly.

    When Verson 1.0 is out it would be nice to see a side by side comparison of AIM & ICQ, including simple vs complex and the size of each program.
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    How do you use AIM or ICQ on your visor without some sort of internet connection? modem?
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    Originally posted by Henry
    How do you use AIM or ICQ on your visor without some sort of internet connection? modem?
    You can't.
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    I read in the review that AIM is compatible with OmniSky. Does anyone out there know when OmniSky is releasing their Handspring module?

    Ron Querido
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    VERY long time ICQ user here! I don't know what people like about AIM. Hell, I still can't figure out why people like AOHell <Grin>. 90% of AOL users I believe where first intoduced to the net via AOHell.
    Still trying to figure out AIM & ICQ for the Palm though.
    Have fun all!

    Just run fdisk to get rid of that nasty partition!
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    I should recant that last statement. AOL is not all that bad. I just work a support desk & it seems as though AOL's IE that they bundle is a big pain when it somes to SSL & the like.
    Just run fdisk to get rid of that nasty partition!
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    Ok... I've got my Visor working with an external modem. Took the plunge and installed AIM. The problem is that more often than not, when trying to connect, I get a "Connection timed out" error after only about 15 or 20 seconds. Does anyone know what causes this? I can't seem to find any support area for AIM on AOL (web or regular).
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    AIM for Palm OS supports any TCP/IP connection that plugs into the Palm OS BSD-based NetAPI system.
    For all you non-programers out there, that means that it will work with almost any TCP/IP connection, including the OmniSky modems, if they support NetAPI, which I think they do (i'm not sure). But, I don't have one of those, so I can't test it.

    I don't know this for certain; just my testing in emulator points to this.

    Also : I use AIM because I don't know one friend on ICQ. It's just that simple. People like names, not numbers!

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    AOL forms multi-year pact with OmniSky

    America Online Inc. has formed a multi-year pact with potential competitor in the wireless arena OmniSky Corp. and made a minority investment (to pay for those VisorCentral ads ) in the company that provides wireless Internet services for users of handheld mobile devices. Under the terms of the deal with AOL, users of OmniSky's wireless service will be offered access to AOL's features, including instant messaging and e-mail. AOL members can also receive a customized version of the OmniSky
    Wireless Internet service that will include links to AOL services and content, the companies said in a joint statement.
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    I like the idea of having an IM on my visor, but even with Omnisky its a pain to use, because whenever you want to use it you have to connect to the internet. However I like that other company thats looking to do always on internet for Palms, kinda like a 2 way pager, low power, and its always waiting for a message. I'd love to have it where I'd be at work or somewhere like that and have the visor beep when someone ICQ's me. The great thing about ICQ(or AIM for that matter) is you just leave it on in the background and its always on will your at your computer and on the Internet, which is 99% of the time for me.

    Anyways, thats just my 2 cents on the matter.

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    Does anyone know if there is any way I can browse the internet while logged onto AOL with my Thincom? The problem I have is AOL doesn't support simple dial-up, so I need to use their software, but they don't have any support for the http://www. All the other browsers need to dial in, but even if I could dial in, I would still like to use my Buddy list and AIM features at the same time.

    Please post with any help or suggestions.


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