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    Hello everyone,

    I would really appreciate some feedback on this topic. I should be expecting my Treo tomorrow or Wed. definitely. I wanted to see which horizontal case i should go with. Either the Covertec side case or the PalmOne side case, (the one with the word Treo on the lower bottom of the case). I wanted to go ahead and have my case by the time i receive my 650. I already have the screen protectors.

    I'm looking for overall quality of the case/leather, and a nice snug fit. I wouldn't want the phone to have extra space while in the case. Again PLEASE give feedback if you have one and/or both of these cases so i'll know which one to go with. Thank you
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    I started out with the Pa1mOne sidecase and it worked fine. It's a snug fit....which is why I eventually gave up on it because I wanted to add a skin to my Treo....subsequently done with that also and now have the Krusell case which I love.

    I don't know about the other one but it seems if all you want to do is put a naked phone in that case you'll be fine.
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