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    Backupbuddy or Backuoman VFS or whatever it is called Trying to figure out which is best so I can stop installing software and not wanting it, then doing a hard reset and reinstalling (like to have a fresh start and most available space) everything. With this, I can backup, then install the program and if I don't like it, restore to the way it was.
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    I have not used or tried Backupbuddy but do use BackupMan on a regular basis. Its easy, useful and has saved my bacon a number of times during foolish Palm experimentation and software trials gone wrong.

    There are also applications like Uninstall that will accomplish what you're trying to do via the backup/restore process. Rather then restoring a backup, why not uninstall an app to get rid of all of it (even the hidden parts). Do a search for uninstall and cleanup too on Palmgear or Handago or Google.
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    With Backupman, I did an automatic backup each night, and did many restores. I had zero problems with Backupman on my 600.

    Also, you should check out Uninstall Manager - it seems to fit your needs. It lets you install and then delete everything you just installed.
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    Uninstall Manager monitors installation and allows you to delete them and every file created by that installation. It also allows you to place new programs in the Sandbox which is seperated from the normal installed software.

    It enables you to play with the program and if it causes troubles, you can delete it more easily.

    I use BackupBuddyVFS 3.07 to back up my Palm each morning but I only use it to restore if something really really goes wrong.

    Which never seems to happen unless I do something silly.

    Hope this helps you with your decission.
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    I use BackupBuddyVFS. Works well - except for restoring the Java VM files, where it consistently fails.
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    I use BackupMan and do an auto each night (3 am). Best $10 you'll ever spend.
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    I run BackupMan man every night at 4:00am. I have never had a problem. It has saved me on a few occasions. I would highly recommend it.
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    My vote is for BackupMan, I have it automaticly backup at 6am everyday. I've had to restore a couple of times and it work flawlessly.

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