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    I have been trying out quite a few headsets over the past few months.

    While I still hope to get a bluetooth one someday, so far none of them met my needs. Either they were too saticy, didn't fit on the ear well, or just did not seem to hookup well with the 650.

    As for wired headsets, fit was also an issue as well as plug fit, and how the buttons worked/didnt work.

    For now I have settled on the flexglove by handglove I got at a local radio shack. Biggest thing is I like how it fits and feels.

    Sound on both ends seems very good and the on/off button works just as I wish, namely, on incomming calls it answers right away with one push without having to touch the phone. On outgoing calls, one touch of the headset button takes me straight to the voice dialer, which works great for me with this set, with no other action needed.

    It also has a cord covered in a metal mesh material which makes it tangle resistant.

    Headset choice is very subjective. But if you are not satisfied with what you have, you may want to give it a try.
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