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    I have searched and searched for a high quality leather pouch for my treo. I've seen the nutshell, the vaja and many other alternatives. I thought I would post what I have done since many others are looking for a vertical pouch also.

    I love the vaja cases, but couldn't justify spending $100+ for a case and then I also didnt want to have the case always on my phone. I decided to get the apple Ipod case 3rd generation from Vaja. I knew that they are very similar in size from reading other posts.

    I got my case today from ebay which I paid $20 plus shipping for. It was a brand new case and black in color. I decided to take out the plastic screen cover by cutting it out with an exacto knife. It is now the perfect case for me. I have the pouch that i wanted and it looks great. Vaja really does make excellent products. I was impressed with the leather quality and the way that it was constructed as soon as I took it out of the box. The phone slips in and out very easily and shows the whole screen with just part of the keyboard hidden. It does stick out maybe a centimeter on the the top, but it doesnt bother me in the least. I cant really take a picture of it in the case because the only means of doing that are with the phone itself. I will include at least the link of the case that I got for anyone else that has looked for an inexpensive, but high quality case.

    I hope the link is still there of the case. If not try to search in ebay for Vaja Ipod case 3g. The seller is the same "esuppliers" that I bought mine from and he accepted my offer of $20 plus shipping. I ordered it on friday and received it on monday (today). The case was exactly as advertised. I hope this helps some of you that have looked and looked for the perfect pouch as I have and didnt want to spend a ton of money.
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    I thought about this, too. Does the Treo fit snugly or could you use a skin case also? To protect the overhang on top?
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    No way a skin case or even egrips could fit along with the phone in the case. Its a very snug fit almost perfect, except for the top. As I said though it only sticks out just a little bit. Basically where the led light is exposed but nothing below.
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    I've got a bunch of this style case sitting around.
    PM me if you are interested ( US$20 shipped )
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    Can anyone post a pic of the case with the Treo 650 in it?
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    Pic pertty please.
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