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    Last Friday I updated my Treo 650 Cingular Firmware and installed the latest version b6 of Chatter on my phone. Over the weekend I got about 8-12 resets per day caused by "Phone." At first I thought my upgrade has been a bad one and the new firmware wasn't working like it should... but then I thought... could it possibly be chatter? I put back on my phone (after completely removing the beta) and the phone has been stable for the past 24 hours with no resets.

    I just tried 1.0.4 b7 to see if that fixed anything but after 2 fatal exceptions caused by "Phone" in under 10 minutes I have gone back to Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Are you using SSL? Could you get the latest beta?

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    Nope . No SSL here.

    And I tried the latest beta... b7... but that caused it to reset twice in 10 minutes.
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    Sounds like something is corrupt, frankly. I haven't seen a single reset in b7, on either of my Treos, and I haven't seen any reports yet either. You could send a log, though, in case there's a specific issue.


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