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    Does anyone know where I can get grey touch up paint for a 650? This damn Seidio holster is slowly taking the paint off the top of my Treo on the right side where the clip fastens the Treo into place. I can feel a rough edge on the clip, and know it is the culprit. Other than that, I love the holster, but I'm very disappointed in what I consider to be defective engineering on the part of Seidio. This is the only holster that I've seen that securely holds the Treo, and has a close to the body fitting clip that does not cause the Treo to stick out from my body. It is also the only one that I've seen with a clip that securely locks into place. If only they could get the design right so that my poor baby does not look old before its time!

    Also, does anyone know of a skin type case that I can use to with the Seidio holster to protect my Treo from further damage?

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    Seidio is well aware of this problem and hand polishes all the contact points on the holsters now. If you send it back they will send you a new holster. I have had my seidio holster for 3 months now and have no chipped paint. I think they should also compansate people for thier chipped treos.

    Heres Davids email
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    I used the same holster and got a small chip beside my sim holder
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    Thanks for the tip. I sent David an email. Based on your comments, I am cautiously optimistic that Seidio will do right by me.
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    Every holster I have used eventually rubs the paint off the phone. Just depends how often you pull out your phone, how quickly this will happen. BTW, I have used proclip, seidio, and others.
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    I agree that most holsters will indeed end up wearing some paint away - but I'll say that the Seidio ones seem to wear more than others, for some reason. The ProClip ones I've used have been much less troublesome on my devices(s).
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    At the suggestion of jamespaulritter, I sent an email to and was contacted by an rep from Seidio the next business day. I was asked to send in a copy of my invoice from when I purchased the holster, which I did by fax. I am expecting an email containing an RMA #, which will allow me to return my holster for a replacement. Apparently there is some recognized issue with some of the holsters chipping paint off.

    Although I feel that this should have come out during product testing, I do believe that they are doing the right thing by replacing the one I got which in approximately a month, has managed to chip off a noticible quantity of the paint.

    Does anyone know of a source for touch up paint for my poor baby? She looks so sad
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    Is it possible to have a Skinit ( ) on my Treo 650 and still be able to use the Holster?

    I realize that there would be no way to use the skin cases like this

    Though it would be nice to use both at the same time.

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