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    Anybody know how I can upgrade the unlocked gsm 650?

    I'm still on FW 1.14, SW 1.05...
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    take a number...nothing has been released yet...unless you want to buy a second unit that has the 1.15 on it and then put it on your old unit
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    I am not reading that the updated firmware on the new phones fixes any of the critical issues on this phone. So...I'm still waiting....
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    Just FYI,

    I bought a new phone last week and it has 1.14. So the new phone solution is a crap shoot.

    The only real issue that I have with the phone is the low call volume. There was one instance of the mic volume going down to very very close to nothing. As a test I phoned my home voice mail and left some messages, they didnt even sound as loud as whispers. That was resolved by a hard reset. Hasnt done it since (knock wood).

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    I just got a Rogers GSM 650 and I have Firmware 1.15 and software 1.06 ROW.

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