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    Anyone out there have a sim card holder for the t600 or know where I could get one? The old one "simply disappeared" (with help).
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    Your best bet is to call palmone directly.
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    just call palmone and thell send you another one via dhl..i got one last month..
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    I have an extra one (GSM phone - silver). PM me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dennisB
    The old one "simply disappeared" (with help).
    Ok I'll bite - how did you lose your SIM card holder? Seems pretty hard to do.
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    Took it out (first mistake)...set it on newspaper (second mistake). Paper in garbage (pore little feller's a goner).
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    Redcap, you or anyone else still have that extra sim card holder?
    Mine got tossed out with the trash as well when I changed out my card.
    I'll cover the shipping cost and cost for your time.

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