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    Has anyone placed an order and received it or gotten shipping confirmation from PalmOne recently for the 650 cradle? I ordered a cradle recently from Amazon since it is listed as "coming soon" on their website, but when the order completed I was told it would arrrive anywhere between April 16th and May 5th. I wouldn't exactly call that "soon". I'd like to get my hands on one but I know that places like PalmOne are still filling pre-orders. What's been the typical lead time on filling a recent order from PalmOne? Has anyone gotten one from them that wasn't a pre-order?
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    I tried to order one with a Treo hesdset on Friday...they told me headset was in, cradle wasn't. A while later they sent an e-mail telling me there was a problem with my order. So I call and tey say "no problem". Since I am on the phone with them, I ask when cradle will be coming in.....they say it's in and they are filling pre-orders. I'm told they will start filling new orders by end of week. I ask to add cradle to my order, no can do they say. So we canbcel the headset order an dplave a headset / cradle order.

    Next day I get 2 e-mails 1 minute apart

    1st says that the order I cancelled (headset only) has shipped.
    2nd says that the order I made )headset / cradle) was cancelled.

    I call to asks "wassup" and they tell me they have no cradles and are not accepting orders.
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    i received my cradle today ,ordered it about two weeks ago from palm one!
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    That explains why somebody paid $104 for one I sold on Ebay.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scottydon't
    That explains why somebody paid $104 for one I sold on Ebay.
    Yeah, I'd say that's a little extreme. More power to you for getting that much for it, but I wouldn't pay it. I want one, I don't need one. There is a difference. PalmOne probably likes all the pent-up demand though.

    I got my Treo Wireless Headset yesterday, that will have to keep me satisfied for a while.
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    Well, after checking the PalmOne website again and seeing that the expected shipping time changed from 4-6 weeks to 1-3 weeks, I cancelled my order with Amazon and ordered it through PalmOne. I figured, 1-3 weeks was better than the 4-6 weeks it looked like it would be through Amazon.

    So I placed my order yesterday, fully expecting to get an email from PalmOne saying that the item was backordered and they'd let me know when it would be shipped. I didn't get anything, until today, when I got an email from them saying that my credit card had been charged and the cradle got shipped today. Looks like 1-3 weeks really means 1-3 days.

    If you're going by PalmOne's website to check availability, I wouldn't bother. Place your order now, you'll probably be surprised.
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    I picked one up last night at my local CompUSA store. $49
    Treo 650 GSM Unlocked-TMobile

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