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    is there a way after you read a message to save to sd card .? i selected the move folder but it doesnt give that as option any oter way??????

    thanks in advance for any and all help
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    It will move messages to the SD card during the night.
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    Or you can invoke an archive whenever you want but it's not really worth it. Just let the normal archive take place every night.
    From within Snappermail message list, type in bug and a pop up will show. Place a check mark in "Do 3am tasks now".
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    thank you
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    i did type in bug, and put a check mark in do 3am tasks now then did a send and receive and the folder is still in my in box , should it not have moved it to my card?????????
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    It will always appear in whichever Snapper folder you placed it in, but it's now physically stored on the card. How else would you retrieve it if it disappeared from Snapper?
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    i see thanks
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    is there any type of icon next to the message to let you know its stored on the card ? how do you know?
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    pop out your SD card and you will know

    No, there is no such icon, at least so far.
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    i will try that
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    i removed my sd card and all was still there doesnt make sense ,should i be able to locate on filez on card ?
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    anyone who is more expierenced then me about this issue i appriciate in advanc your replies1
    thanks joel

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