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    I've been trying to get some midi's onto my Treo 600 to use as ringtones. However, there are some problems:
    1) Certain instruments are too quiet. The trumpet is loud enough, but most others are pretty bad.
    2) Certain instruments are substituted for others. It seems as though the Treo 600 only has a few instruments available; if it encounters one it doesn't know, it defaults to something else.

    So, has anyone explored the MIDI table in the Treo? Would it be possible to get a list of all the instruments it recognizes? Looking at JazzWare, it seems as though my PC recognizes 256 instruments. Does the Treo 600 support fewer than that? If so, how does it know which instrument to convert to?

    What instruments are good and loud on the Treo? I've found that some bells sound good, as does the aforementioned trumpet. Would it be possible to compose a 256-note midi, with each note in a different instrument, to answer all of these questions? Would it be otherwise possible to create a hack that would artificially boost the volume of certain instruments?

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    MIDI can support up to 256 instruments, but I think you can only have 1 instrument per channel, and I don't recall how many channels you can have. But I was trying to determine the same type of thing on the 650 (which instruments are loud) so I wrote a seed MIDI and wrote a small utility to generate a version for each possible instrument (256). Then I put the MIDIs on my card, and using Botzam MIDIPlayer, went through and played them, one by one, jotting down the numbers of the ones I thought sounded louder, ending up with a list of instruments that are pretty audible. You could do the same thing for the 600, though maybe someone has and will post here.
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    Wow! That's exactly what I'm looking for! Any chance you'd be willing to post the midi file? Or your results as to which instrument name/numbers were good?

    Thanks for this info,
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    Here's a zip archive with all 256 midis. The instrument used is the number of the midi file. The tune itself has each note duplicated in 4 octaves (a hint I read somewhere else about getting louder tones). The tune is the main theme from The Dark Crystal.

    Unfortunately, I can't find the post-it where I jotted down the loud instruments on the 650. Guess I should have stored it in the treo.

    As I said, for playing the midis, I used the Botzam midiPlayer (free) because it was the first thing I found that played midis of an arbitrary directory on the card. But if you can find something else, I'd recommend using it, as the Botzam one crashed frequently while scrolling through a long list of files on a card.
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    I'm not an expert when it comes to MIDI stuff and I was wondering what information everyone found about what instruments are loudest on the Treo 600. Has anyone developed some ringtones are songs and loud? Thanks!

    PS- I have tried using the latest version of lightwav but it causes my phone to randomly reset so in desperation I'm going back to MIDI ringtones for the time being.
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