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    I thought I'd done this already but can't find my thread. This feature would be greatly convenient for mailbox setup. I have several sets of mailboxes with shared Sync, QuickSync, Upload details. If I could create mailbox, then dupe the profile to a new mailbox, this would greatly speed up mailbox creation as you might guess.

    In fact, I am still running 1.02R because you recommend on your site to recreate all mail profiles to avoid problems-and frankly the work involved is keeping me from immediately upgrading to 1.03.

    Thanx for listening, C
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    Yes, that's a good idea; I'll put it on the list.

    In the meantime, you really should get something more recent (I know, it's a pain; you can try without rebuilding your Mailboxes, by the way. For most people, this works.) I'd recommend getting the Beta at this point - 1.0.4rc7.


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