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    I just bought a car charger from Seems to work okay, but the it just plugs into the ac charge port - and it's not really sticking enough to let me use the phone while it's plugged in etc. Very flaky, loose connection.

    Just curious if the "real" Palm One car charger plugs in any better, and if you can actually move the phone around while it's plugged in or not.

    Boxwave saved me $7 - but if I can't call on the phone and use it at the same time it's worthless.
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    yes, i can. the palmone charger works fine... no loose connection
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    My experience is the connection is good.
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    I use the palmOne charger, and while I wouldn't call the connection loose, the wire is coiled so tightly that it is hard to use the phone while it's connected. If I pull the phone upto my face to talk, the connection gets released from the phone because of the high tention. I guess it depends on the distance from the lighter adapter to your head
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    This is very true! They should have made the coil longer!
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    I have the Boxwave mini-sync cable for sync+charge. The connection seems secure. Also, it has lived up to its promise of modularity because the AC and cigarette lighter portions are the ones I first bought for my Sony SJ33 -- all I had to do was get a new cable.

    P.S. I'm also now using their Styra sylus + pen. Works fine so far, though the OEM stylus looks a bit classier.

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    Other than the fact that it's near impossible to plug in at night (with no lights), I've had no problem with the connection. In fact it's actually a tighter connection than the AC connection. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Is not the PalmOne Car Charger about $9? How much cheaper could the BoxWave one be??
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    Quote Originally Posted by onpaws
    Is not the PalmOne Car Charger about $9? How much cheaper could the BoxWave one be??
    $29.99 on
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    I've had no problems with the BoxWave MiniSync + car charger. It's extremely secure for me... More secure than many other cigarette lighter adapters I've used.

    Blows away the $30 car charger that doesn't sync.
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    At P1's prices, t's proibably cheaper to get a 12 -> 120 volt converter and use the one that came with the Treo.

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