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    I've seen some deals on the Treo 600 lately, and it's great for those that want to upgrade. There must still be tons of Treo 600s in inventory.

    I'm considering getting one for my wife since she's getting tired of her Motorola cell phone.

    Here's a deal I'm considering:
    CompUSA - $249 Treo 600 after Tmobile activation

    It's in this week's CompUSA national circular.

    Please post any other Treo 600 deals here.

    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    It seems like the CompUSA link doesn't go to the product directly.
    If you look on the ad, the Treo 600 is on page 11.
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    MTDN has the Cingular Treo 600 for $99 with activation after rebates. Check it out
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    My local CompUSA ad had the aforementioned Treo TMobile deal plus a free bluetooth adapter and Jabra bluetooth headset. This strikes me as being an excellent deal.
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    Maybe some of you can use this information to your advantage.

    Today I purchased a new Treo 600 directly from Tmobile (on the phone).
    Tmobile has the Treo 600 for $299.99. I told them about the CompUSA deal of $249.99 + free bluetooth adapter headset ($179 value).

    Through CompUSA, the total would have been $249.99 + $20.62 (tax) + $35 (act. fee) = $305.61
    I figured I could ebay the bluetooth headset for about $100.

    T-Mobile worked the Treo 600 (over 40 minutes on phone) from $299.99 to $169.99. It was actually $269.99 + tax - $100 instant credit. The final total was about $192 and free shipping.
    All I had to was extend my existing contract for 12 months while I keep the same phone number and no hassle.

    I'd say a new Treo 600 for less than $200 for just sticking with TMobile is a good deal.
    It's a birthday present for my wife too. :-)
    Million Dollar Bills, anyone?

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    VZW has it for $150 after rebates, there's an ad in Wed's USA Today for it. It was $200 on Monday.
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    I read your post from my less than one week old TM treo 600. I purchased mine for 269! I called, though, and received assistance from a Retention rep, who agreed to credit my account 100 bucks.

    *high five to chungmike*

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    Good deal! I'm glad this info helped someone else!

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