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    Have been a long time Pocket PC user and I just brought home a Treo 650 yesterday (based on all the great reviews I read). When I started digging deeper, I noticed that there are a lot of unhappy users out there and the device seems to have a lot of bugs.

    Is this the time to make the switch? Should I wait until the bugs are fixed? Are they fixed?

    I need the advice of long time and current Treo users. I have not opened it yet and need to decide if I want to move forward or return the device.

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    Keep it and run with us, brother! The OS isn't as "buggy" as some people would have you believe. I LOVE my Treo and have been a user since the 300! There is no question there are some problems, but you know what? When you drive an Italian sportscar you don't complain about it going into the shop once a month. You just deal with it and forget about it when your on the road doing 210mph or stopped at a light and beautiful women are smiling at you. It's the best smartphone on the market. Period. The only thing you need to do is get yourself a large SD card and Zlauncher. Then you're set.
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    It'll be fun.
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    Well said Dr.
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    I've been a long time PPC user (still am), and my experiences have been all devices have had some quirks here and there. The Treo is no different. It has some flaws, but it is still a good device. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Try it for a few days/weeks and see how you like it. While this is up for much debate, many problems can be traced to 3rd-party software (non-650-compatible version, confilcts with other programs). That has been my experience. There have been some verified hardware issues, but I doubt a large number of them. The Palm NVFS has it's quirks without question, but overall it works well. You are going to see a lot of people complaining on this site because it's a great source for getting things fixed. Don't, however, think that means you've made a bad purchase.

    Do you plan on using a lot of 3rd-party software or running it "stock"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by dutchtrumpet
    Well said Dr.
    Thank you. People don't look at the Treo in the proper perspective is all I'm trying to point out. Want the most relaible phone on the market? Get a Nokia baseline model. Want to be the "Superman " of Technology? Get a Treo. 'Nuff said.
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    My two cents for what it is worth...

    It is true that in this forum you hear a lot of good and bad. My opinion is that the nature of forums tends to concentrate the bad experiences in one place which gives the impression that the Treo is flaker than it really is.

    I will say that I am a longtime Palm OS user and in my current smartphone phase I have used the Treo 270, 600 and now 650. My opinion is that the nature of most of the problems are related to the fact that many users on this forum are power users (me being one of them) who utilize many third-party apps where some of them may not be 650 friendly (kinda like running an app designed for Window 3.1 on a XP system). This means that many problems are attributed to older legacy apps, unclean installations and the use of bleeding edge beta software. There are some random quality issues with some of the Treo, but in my opinion no more than any other mass-produced portable electronics. I will add, I also own a pocketPC all-in-one GPS PDA that frequently locks and hard resets itself based whatever mood the device may be in on a given day and I use virtually no third party apps on it.

    My experience has been that the Treo 650 is the best smartphone on the market currently. It has the best mix of size, design and functionality. This does not mean it is perfect, but it is closer than any device that I have seen or read about. I recommend the Treo 650 whole-heartedly and for a PocketPC user like yourself you should have smoother time than others who are trying to migrate older apps and data from legacy Palm devices.

    Another big reason I recommend the Treo 650 is this forum/community where you hear about user experiences and problems. I don't beleive that there are a lot other product forums as good as Treocentral. If you have a problem it is easy to to a search here or even just post a question for an answer. There are thousands of enthusists here who love their Treos (warts and all) and are hapy to assist others.

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    I gotta chime in with MY experience. And, I'm not a tech-averse person.

    Fell head over heals in LOVE with the 600 when it first came out. Didn't get it, though, too new to be reliable was my think. So, I kept my Zire and my Nokia and rolled merrily along.

    Fast forward to March 1, 2005. I take the dive and get a new Cingular T650 WITH the 'good' Axalto SIM card. Good Lord what a gorgeous device! Finally, PalmOS and a killer phone with tons of goodies to boot. Read up on treocental and made the decision to keep it bone stock...NO NEW APPS loaded. Then, the honeymoon faded.

    1- crashed upon incoming calls most of the time.
    2- would lock up upon wake.
    3- would lock up surfing the net.
    4- crash/lock when placing a call.
    5- and...the straw to break the can barely hear your caller through the earpiece!!!!!!!!

    So, I gave it back. Yesterday. Sadly.

    One day soon, Palm will figure it out and I'll return. But for now, I won't be the guy with the cool/must have/swiss army knife phone that doesn't work as a phone.
    Cingular T650 back to Motorola and a Zire 72!
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    Not a lot, some basic programs to enhance the device
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    Quote Originally Posted by DrDoom
    Thank you. People don't look at the Treo in the proper perspective is all I'm trying to point out. Want the most relaible phone on the market? Get a Nokia baseline model. Want to be the "Superman " of Technology? Get a Treo. 'Nuff said.
    Thank you everyone for all the feedback...Will open it and try it out and let you know!

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