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    I discovered how to delete the unwanted standard favorites completly by accident and I think its a bug, but it works great!!

    1) Create a shortcut to any app and assign it a key
    2) Delete the app, but not the shortcut (I would suggest backing it up to your SD card first.
    3) Highlight the unwanted shortcut
    4) Press-hold the key to the newly deleted app. It will return an error saying the app doesn't exist and ask if you want to delete it.
    5) Say 'yes' to delete the app.

    It will delete the highlighted app, not the app which is missing. Go ahead and repeat steps 3-5 to remove any unwanted 'default' shortcuts.

    I found this out when I removed an app and wanted to see what would happen if I tried to launch it. It gave the error, I said yes, and my contacts were gone! (very easy to add back). I then went ahead and tried the same steps with the unwanted favorite highlighted and it worked great. I'd bet a 'hard-reset' wpuld add them back, but at least you know how to remove them!

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    This totally works! Nice find!
    The best part is you only have to do this once (Create a shortcut, assign it, delete the app) and you can re-use it to delete as many favorites as you want.
    I delted all of the non-deletable default favorites except for "Contacts" and "Voicemail".
    I had them (stashed and forgotten) on the last page, but when I found this post I went ahead and deleted them all.

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