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    Is there no way to play quicktimes on the 650?

    Also, while browsing in Blazer today, I decided to go to a site that has several realmedia movies (old game shows).. I abhor realmedia on my notebook and system, but since it's built in I figured I'd check the clips.. After downloading several and saving them to my SD card, none of them played in my realmedia player.. Whats the deal? Need to update the player or something? These were older files, though, certainly shouldn't be a version problem..

    I still can't grasp switching programs on the Treo.. If I'm browsing and I open a movie or audio file, does the broswer program shut down? Pause? If you have several apps going, how do you switch between them? It's just not intiutive to me yet..

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    mmplayer is probably the best all round video player on the Treo.
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    I assume your refering to .mov files. Kinoma player plays .mov files and other file formats. See

    As for switching between applications, the Treo closes the previous app you switched from and opens the new app that you have swtiched to. In other words, it normally doesn't keep two apps fully open at once. However, it is possible to play mp3s etc. with pocket tunes and open up another application while continueing to receive the music feed.
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    Thanks Katway!

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    the realplayer for palm only plays mp3 files, not real media files... kinda stupid.

    3dpiper- are you switching from a pocket pc? that's the behavior i normally see on a pocket pc and it annoyed the heck out of me when i got my first treo way back when... i didnt understand how a brand new top of the line smartphone couldnt load a web page while i check my email and then have the page waiting for me when i'm done- while my 2 year old pocket pc did it without blinking. you just have to live with single tasking
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    Not coming from a PocketPC, just a notebook and desktop PC environment.. I am a visual effects artist, so I know PCs fairly well.. I wanted a PocketPC, but Cingular doesn't offer one, and I didn't want to switch service providers..

    After having it for about 3 weeks now, and ONLY using it to make phone calls and take pics, I'd like to move to the next step and really integrate it into my workflow and life.. Heck, I paid for the thing, might as well use it.. The resets come so often, though.. I've just gotten into the habit if charging the battery all night, and immediately soft resetting in the morning after charging.. Otherwise I miss calls because it has been sitting in my pocket locked up or whatever until I take it out and press the red phone button and THEN it resets..

    Anyway, I'm rambling.. I want to figure out how to install JAVA so I can check the real-time weather loops from the NOAA website..

    Is the only way to install software on the Treo to perform a Hotsync? I haven't actually hooked it up to my computer yet at all..

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    If you use CardExport or an SD card reader, you can copy many applications to an SD card and run them from there.

    It's also possible to download applications wirelessly.

    Unfortunately, while Kinoma can play stuff using a QuickTime container, it's very limited as to what codecs it can play. MMPlayer supports many more codecs, but not the QuickTime container format. Many video conversion tools can do a conversion from .mov to .avi by doing a lossless copy of the video and audio streams. (i.e. no decompression/recompression). Stream copying for format but not codec conversion is FAST.

    Of course, the devices are rather limited as to what bitrates/resolutions they can support with smooth playback.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drrjv
    mmplayer is probably the best all round video player on the Treo.
    Silly question: Is mmplayer the pictures/video player that comes installed? If not, where can I download the player?
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    no, it's a 3rd party application.

    it's the first result that is returned with a google search.
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    Thank you. I downloaded it and it finds my .mp3 files on my SD card just fine, but for some reason it's not seeing my videos.

    I don't know if this is related (may belong on another post), but when trialing mp3Ringer, the app can't see the audio files on my expansion card when I try to set a ring tone to an mp3.

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    how do you play/download quicktime videos on a treo 650 that are embeded in a website i.e.

    they have a great selection of SNL clips but they are embeded and i don't know how i can download them. i get to the page withthe embeded video and it says you need quicktime. shouldn't i be able to download the video somehow to watch? i have real player and tcpmp.

    is this even possible?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 3DPiper
    Anyway, I'm rambling.. I want to figure out how to install JAVA so I can check the real-time weather loops from the NOAA website..

    Try For a great weather site that loads fast and gives animated weather maps.
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    I have MMPlayer and and interested in conveting from .mov (quicktime) files to one that is compatible with MMPlayer. Could you list one or more video compression tools that could do the job?

    Many thanks,
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    Have you tried pocketdivx encoder?
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