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    Does anybody know that if we do not have vision picture package ( e.g. Vision Premium pack or Vision Comm pack), can we still send picture and video mail as an attachment to our email via versamail or snappermail ?
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    Although you did not specify, I will assume (by the use the term 'vision picture package') that you have sprint cell-phone service. This being said, you will have a few options. One is to pay for your data on a per use basis which could be expensive. To do this you would use versamail (or other e-mail package) and attach the picture to your e-mail. The other way would be to sync with your desktop, look in your palm folder and grab your pictures and use your desktop client to send the mail. The third option is to get the $5.00/month picture package and send the picture that way. Hope this helps.
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    I have sprint Vision profession plan. I do not have picture package. If I send photos or videomail as an attachement to my email vis versamail, will it work or there would be any extra charges ?
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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