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    Ok .. new 600 user. Got a re-furbished 600 to replace my 300 from Sprint. 300 worked fine, but somehow developed a spot on the display screen.
    Long story short .. Sprint replaced my 300 for the 600.

    Sprint tech says all accessories of the 300 work on the 600? The only accessory they gave me was the hot-sync cord .. and yes it appears exactly lke the hot-sync cord for the 300.

    Q? Headset plug .. Treo 300 has 3-bands. Same for the Treo 600?

    Any accessories (old Treo 300) that I should worry about .. ??

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    The 600 uses the standard 3 barrel (2 bands) headset jack where as the 300 had the Nokia type 4 barrel (3 band) jacks.
    I had to think about that for a minute! It's been a while.
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    Thanks .. do they (ok, I'll search too) .. make a 3-band to 2-band adapter?

    I have a Jabra BT200 that I used w/the Treo300 .. maybe thats why it doesn't work with the Treo600??
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    Bingo! I have the same or had the same headset. I ended up getting the one that was for all standard cell phones and not the BT200 for non-bluetooth phones , Nokia version.
    I haven't seen an adapter that goes from a 3 band to a 2 band but have seen them the other way around. I have one.
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    I think (?) I've got it figured out ...

    The BT200 headset (earpiece) .. is a blue tooth headset (ie .. BT)?
    If they don't make, and I haven't found one either a 3band to 2band adapter (reverse of the seidoonline device) .. then it looks like the way to go?? Jabra A210 device.

    The Jabra A210 bluetooth adapter has the 2.5mm / 2band "plug" .. which should (?) work with the Treo600??

    Then I should (?) be able to pair up the BT200 headset (earpiece) w/the A210 adapter and get "bluetooth functionality" again??
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    T750 w/Cingular
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