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    For those of you that have docs to go, but don't have Microsoft Word on your PC, how do you edit files that were created on the handheld, on your desktop?

    Everytime I hotsync, my file is opened in notepad. I can't get it to open in anything else. I would like to open the files in Microsoft Works.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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    I don't know how to solve your particular problem, but I'm THRILLED with D2G and my Excel Checkbook register! Now, it goes with me on my Treo and I balance it on the fly when I have transactions. When I get home & sync, it automatically updates the original file on the PC to reflect the changes I made to the file while on the Treo. God, I LOVE this thing!
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    I can't imagine "creating a file" on a Treo. I might edit a file on a Treo but not type a multipager from scratch. I use file screated in Lotus WordPro, WordPerfect and OpenOffice (all saved as docs) and then I open them with any one fo those applications. You can get the whole Lotus Office Suite for $8 if ya shop and $17 anywhere else ( and OpenOffice is free.
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    I use StarOffice 8 and it works great. I keep my files saved as: .doc and .xls native format. If you do, Docs To Go will "think" it is native and sync it to the handheld and you can re-open the original on the desktop it with any Suite that allows opening of Microsoft Office docs.

    If Microsoft Works allows you to open .xls and .doc files it should work fine. If it does not, you may have to get a new office suite.


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