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    i already use Mring to assign mp3s as ringtones....but some songs the beginning is not what i wasn to use as the there a PC program that i can trim down my mp3s to the part of the songs i want to use a ringtone. free program if posible?
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    mp3cutter. Not free but the unreg version limits you to 1 minute clips which is more than enough...
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    You can try mp3 Cutter, it's free ware if i'm not mistaken but there's def a learning curve to get it right. If you don't mind buying something I would def look at Sound Forge 7.0 (there is a free demo of this program).

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    RESPECT. thanks.
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    Hang on. It's here somewhere:

    It's free and powerful! In order to edit MP3's you'll need to follow the directions to download the file library. But once you do that you'll have a free, easy, and really powerful MP3 editor. This is what I use to cut down songs for my ringers. You can also boost the volume, add effects and other nice things.

    Did I mention it's free!
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    This works fasho
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    I've been using Nero wave editor that way I can edit and play the portions of mps.'s that I want.

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