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    I am trying to get my ACT 2000 database into Entourage 2004 so I can later synch with a TREO 650.

    The data gets to the Mac oK. But Entourage doesn't seem to want to work with the data. Up near the top of the import windows is a drop down box with Automapping selected. It is the only option available.

    I can't drag field from the Mapped to Unmapped or vice versa, nor drag to reorder the fields.

    Act sends over a ton of fields that Entourage doesn't use. I am not sure how to get rid of them.

    The MS discussion group is not very active and E 2004 does not cover this situation.

    It may be worthwhile to print the data base and just rekey in the 60 or so contacts. I may have to do this anyway since E 2004 has a first and last name field and Act is a "contact" first and last name.

    Before i do that. Any suggestions?
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