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    I'm picking up a treo today and wil use a separate dial up access. How can I prevent the constant pinging of the network. Will battery dr. prevent this? I want to prevent the high data bills some people have been receiving. Thanks
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    Another program that works is Treo Connection Manger. Just set it to disconnect after x seconds of non-data user. Works great.
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    Mine never pings the network. If you have in your 'prefs' to always ask before connecting to the internet, you should be fine.
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    Get rid of WireLess sync if you're on Verizon. This is the reason for the pinging. Evidently it's set to always be checking into the network.

    Use Battery Dr to auto-disconnect when phone sleeps and as mentioned set prefs to always ask before conencting. As a user check the arrows and diconnect if they're green or gray. I make a shortcut alias to the network prefs so I can disconnect.

    SnapperMail will autodisconnect but most apps dont.
    Web Blazer, Directory Asst, Flight Status, etc all leave data connection open.
    Wouldn't it be great if developers wrote their software to disconnect when quiting their app?
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    Also disable automatic collection of MMS messages in the MMS options. It's one of the few situations where the Treo will apparently connect even if you have it set to prompt.

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