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    Does anyone know if P1 is giving any extra deals or free things when upgrading from another Handspring/P1 device? I'm pretty sure the free bluetooth headset promotion is no longer valide. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    In my experience, the best deals are found in the local "all brands" "brick and mortar" stores. I got a Cingular 650 for $325 w/ 1 year committment plus a few accessories (car charger / case) thrown in.
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    This was dicussed at length in a few other threads - sorry to say the answer was 'no'. I agrre w/ the prvious post, "brick and mortar" stores may be the way to go. If that's not your spead, there were a few threads titled somthing like "The best price for the 650" you may want to check out.
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