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    I just got a treo 650 and the sim card is blank. I have a ton of info on my phone and want to be able to save it all on the sim card. Is there a way to do it all at once, vs. going through each contact?

    Also, my on off switch seems to be working VERY slowly. Anyone ever have this issue?

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    You have an on/off switch ? The 650 never is really OFF unless ya yank the battery out. The screen and keyboardeclights go out and ya turn them on via the red phone button.

    What is this "info" you want to move ? If you are talking about apps, you'll need a utility to move them over. This could be PowerRun or a full fledged launcher utility like ZLauncher.

    If you are talking "office documents" you need to use the DataViz tech tool to move the apps and stuff to the card.

    Generally of you move the apps, the data files go with them.

    Note that anything you move will access much more slowly than if you had it in memory.
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    I think jtom is talking about moving contacts to the sim card, rather than moving apps to the SD card. . .

    btw, I don't know of a way to batch them.
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    Geez.....alzheimers setting in <grin>....I had meant to address that point but I forgot. The question i wanted to ask is what size is jtom's contacts file ?

    AddressDB and ContactsDB are the 2nd and 3rd largest files on my Palm at about 0.8MB each w/ 1,600 contacts but with 16MB free out of 18.0 max, I wouldn't think about moving them. I used MultiBook back in my PlamVx days but don't know if it made multiple contacts databases.
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    The Treo 270 had an application to move contacts to the SIM card, which was quite useful. I never did find a way to do it with the 600. The big value was the ability to put a lot of contacts directly into my wife's phone, rather than my Treo, but it is also nice to have the backup contacts in case of a hard reset.

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