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    Probably a very odd question, but I have a Garmin Forerunner 101 which I use for training for distance races. It had been working fine and dandy, then in the last couple of weeks, it has locked up periodically (later, to unlock for no apparent reason). Does anyone know if there is any likelihood that the Treo's "checking in with the system" might cause interference with the Forerunner? It seems to lock up after being stored near the Treo and seems to clear up after being away from the Treo's phone functions. Anyideas??
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    The Treo uses 2.4ghz to communication on the GSM network and via Bluetooth. Any GPS is a receiver and only picks up the frequencies for the satellites. (not 2.4ghz...) It is probably an odd coincidence. Also, isn't the Forerunner off when stored? GPSes will take a while to aquire position data if they have been off for more than a few days.
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    I thought an odd coincidence as well. Yes, the Forerunner is off when stored. The reason I asked is all the interference you hear from the Treo (while signaling with the system) on TVs and the like made me wonder....
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    Well, the Treo 650 does seem to be very "noisy," from an RF point of view, so I suppose that if it's very close to another device it might interfere even if not on the same frequency.

    I know it causes crackling interference noises in speakers - my computer speaker and the wired headset I use for my desk phone.

    I found this out for sure by simply wrapping my hand around the Treo 650's antenna - the crackling noise stopped, and then started again when I removed my hand. Cause and effect!
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    I should think that if the Treo didn't put out much RF "noise" it might not be too effective as a cell phone! You will hear buzzing and crackling though any unshielded speakers with a cellphone in close proximity, treo or otherwise.
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    True enough, though I've never heard any of my cellphones make quite as much noise as the Treo:>)
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    Minor point of correction, Z3bum - GSM frequencies are 800/850/1800/1900 MHz.

    As to the interference with unshielded speakers - I had horrible buzzing in my computer speakers whenever my Treo was nearby. I created a little "hat" out of aluminum foil a few layers thick that fits over the antenna. Whenever my Treo is near my computer, I put on its hat and the buzzing is eliminated (or greatly reduced). It seems to have no effect on GSM/GPRS reception.

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