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    I just upgraded from a Sanyo 4900 to the Treo 600. (I know, pretty big upgrade... ) and I have three things that I miss from the 4900. So if anyone knows how to or if there are apps out there that will, I'd apreciate it!

    1) When I'm on an active phone call, the Clock disappears from the screen. I'd like the clock to always be up, so I can glance at the screen during a call and see what time it it. (I don't wear a watch...)

    2) I miss being able to unlock keyguard with just one button press. Is there a way to make the keyguard unlock with a press-and-hold key?

    3) When I ended a call on the 4900, I could press a button which would offer alternate phone numbers in the contact book for the last number called. This was great for trying someone on their mobile if they weren't at home. Is there a way on the Treo to jump directly to the contact entry of the last number called?

    Thanks a bunch!!!
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    1) hit the Phone button again - it'll bring back your standard background including clock
    2) not sure
    3) there's some functionality associated with the space bar that does something similar to what you're looking for (check in the manual or do a search here for "space bar"), but i'm not sure it's exactly what you're looking for...

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