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    Twice this month the same thing happened,

    This is the third email unanswered by you, which I am posting in

    When I used Snapper, it worked fine. It retrieved my messages from my pop3. But after that my Mail desktop software stopped retrieving messages from the pop3. Eventually it got full. My Mail program kept getting emails going to my other 2 non snapper accounts, and could send out. Eventually I used Entourage and the mails came in. Now Mail works too. But for 2 days the mail accumulated and I could not get it. When I called the pop3 people they said all was fine. Somehow Snapper froze Mail on its account. Will you please reply? And might as well reply also in the treocentral listing explaining why you do not reply to three mails in a row.
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    Perhaps you should address this question over at Snappermail's support forum. Michael Rye will probably respond instantly as always!
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