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    What does the graffiti do? Can someone explian that to me?
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    Are you asking about Graffiti (the set of "letters" the PalmOS can recognize when you write) in general or the Graffiti program (a tutorial, I think - I deleted it) that comes with the Visor software?
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    What graffiti does period.
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    Graffiti can mean two things with respect to Visors:

    1. The shorthand you write on your PalmOS computer (like Visor) to enter data. The "letters" look similar to, but not the same as, English upper or lower case letters. For more details, see:

    - or -

    2. An application located, by default, in the applications launcher. It is, if I remember correctly (I deleted mine), a tutorial program about how to use the Graffiti shorthand.

    I hope this helps.
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    for more information on the subject read up on Jeff Kirvins website\writingonyourpalm or get his book from the title is Writing on your Palm 3.0 it should answere most of your Palm OS questions
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    Originally posted by gettinripped
    What does the graffiti do? improves the looks of subway cars

    Seriously though gettinripped, why don't you download the Visor User's Guide and read through it. Not only will you find the answer to what Graffiti is, but you'll learn more about the Visor in general.
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    Thanks guys i am tring to get my mom to go halfs on the visor so i can get one. I hope this weekend.

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