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    Does anyone have experience with installing the firmware update on a Treo650 Cingular that syncs through Missing Sync? Being a Mac-user, I am using Missing Sync for its Entourage conduit.

    All the instructions in the firmware updater refer to changing HotSync's conduits to "Synchronize" but Missing Sync has overridden them and HotSync's conduits are not accessible.

    Also, will I lose my subsidy unlock? no big deal, I suppose since the IMEI won't change, it's just a repeat of the original unlocking steps.

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    As for the subsidy unlock, once you've input the correct unlock code, the phone will be unlocked forever.
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    If you do the upgrade with backUpBuddy as your conduit, the update goes fine. Where it gets hosed is on the restore where BUB tries to install all the old stuff. The recommendation seems to be remove your 3rd party sync tool, reinstall palm DT, do the upgrade and the reinstall your 3rd party tool.

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