As of Sunday morning, 3/20/05, we have 19 signers on the Sign the Petition page at

Thank You everyone, great input! With your continued support in the form of signers and advice on how to make to site more professional/presentable we may yet actually be heard by PalmOne... we might even accomplish something.

The official launch date of the Petition to improve the Treo 650 was two days ago, this past Friday, 3/18. The Petition page was actually operational 1 day before.

If anyone wishes to sign the petition or be heard or have one of your treocentral threads/posts placed in the pros or cons section of the site, please use the Contact Us page on

Oh yeah... We will be adding a page of tried and true simple fixes for known issues (for the layman), nothing complicated, just straight up solutions... please lend your expertise and experiences right now.

PalmOne and former-Handspring software/hardware engineers... we would love to hear from you... even "off-the-record". We can be subtle. (believe it or not, LOL)

Thank You Sooooo much.