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    I didn't know where best to post this since I don't know if it is a network, software, or device problem, so I'm putting it in all three. Sorry for the triplication!

    I have family members who are traveling in California (I'm in Texas), and we wanted to stay in contact by SMS to avoid voice roaming charges. Since Thursday, 3/17/05, I've been getting the following error message when I try to SMS them: ''The network is not responding now, or the message center number is invalid''.

    I called Cingular tech support and they checked my device over the air, including sending me a test message which I received just fine. They told me it was a device problem?

    Has anyone had a similar problem? Any help would really be appreciated.
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    I've just read another post on that has a similar issue with a user in California. Sounds like it a network issue in California.

    Alan G
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    I have never had any problems SMSing and i am in california. Everyone in my fam has 600's and none of them have a porblem. I dont have cingular, that might be why, try asking someone else at cingular cust. support. I had cingular for a long time and it is not uncommon for you to get 6 different answeres out of cust care.

    Mike A

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