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    I have had Sprint, T-Mobile, Nextel, and AT&T Wireless and was always able to set up an e-mail alias which forwards mail directly to it from my domain.

    Since I got cingular, I have been unable to get messages sent through the forwarder to my phone. I am using the address and I can send mail directly to it. I would like to, however, use an alias to re-route short mail messages to it because I do not want to give out the real address (for obvious reasons).

    Has anyone else successfully forwarded e-mail to the sms address for their Treo on Cingular?

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    On the cingular site, they have a message center where you can set up aliases.
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    works for me
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    There are actually two email addresses that work:


    I can send emails to both numbers and they'll appear as SMS on my Treo. The first one follows a template: FRM, SUBJ, MSG. The second one is, imho, better formatted (in the format of (sub) message). I have scripts on my servers at work email me all the time this way.
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    You get a free email address for Cingular when you set up "My Wireless Window" on the web here
    Your email address is
    From here you can set up email alerts and it will send an SMS to your phone alerting you of the new email that has been received based on the criteria that you specify. I do this with my Comcast account by forwarding my email to my cingular email address and then setting up alerts. I have treohelper dialed in to launch Snappermail when the SMS comes in and retreives my new email.
    Is this what you are trying to accomplish?
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