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    Hi all,

    Upgraded from 600 to 650 a few days ago but the P1 migration was a nightmare and ended up bringing the 650 up with no 3rd party apps and no data.

    I have a recent backup using backupman from my old 600 and was wondering if I did a complete restore would that get back all my old apps and data? I realise some apps may not work on the 650 and I could be in for a lot of crashes as I figure out which apps don't sit well on the new device but I'm prepared for that if I can have my old data. Will a full restore mess up the OS or any other 650 functionality? I'm afraid of restoring 600 settings etc onto the 650 and end up worse off than I am now but I guess the worst case scenario is that I would have to do a hard reset and start again from zero?

    Would really appreciate some advice before I go ahead and do the restore.


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    DO NOT DO A RESTORE FROM 600 to 650

    please install each apps one by one

    of course unless you want a looping resets
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    I tried this and completely my 650. Best thing to do, create a new user in Palm Desktop, hard rest the 650 and sync with the new user. Export your pim data from your old user and import to the new. Install your applications one at a time, or buy a big ram card and put them there.
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