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    Recently I am having large incoming data traffic on my Treo 650. I use a program called "trafficstat" to monitor usage. The only persistent background program running is "verichat", . But that is just text messages and even that I recently changed to sms mode .

    Thge last 24 hours I have had nealry 4MB of incoming data, yet only traffic was a few text messages on the chat program "verichat"

    I do not have any automatic email checking in the background, and rarely use the Browser program "Blazer" to check the web. So I wonder what is being downloaded each day that amounts to about 2MB, if there some way to identify where the data is originating from ? Or does anyone else have any ideas on this problem, cause and solution. I never had this before, it started the last few weeks. I am not saying this data is because of "verichat" but that is my main GPRS type program I use all the time. Any ideas ?
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    Can you go one day w/o using Verichat and see if that changes what you are seeing with your data?
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    Yes that is a good idea, I will try it. I also wonder if I place Verichat on the sd card, but still on sms mode always enabled, I assume it will still work and I will get incoming messages...but it will prevent any background data movements inwards as it will not be on the device but on the sd card..does that make sense ?
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    I had Verichat on my card for about two weeks - I wasn't very happy w/ the results. I think it's one of those programs which is best run in from the phone.
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    On TrafficStat, check your date range. I mistakened the amount of data usage when the date range was set from day one (TrafficStat install) to the current date.

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