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    Came across a couple of quirks..
    It seems that Chattermail is in a loop which is popping up an error?
    "you are using too many online mailboxes. Please make at least one offline" everytime I hit ok to clear it, it pops back up indefinitely.
    I actually was able to (between pop ups) scroll over to shut chatter off. It turned off....turned it on..and back to the error message. I have yet to do a soft/other type reset. Is that my next step? And how do I fix the problem form happening again?

    I also encountered a seperate smaller seems chatter overrides my butler led preferences. I really haven't played with all the notification preferences alot...but I ultimately shut down all led notifications in chatter hoping this would keep my butler led preferences intact.

    I figured I would get both of these issues to you even though the error loop is of a way higher priority than the butler issue.

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    You can't have more than 8 online mailboxes in Chatter; how many do you have? And can you send me a log? (A reset will clear the error, btw) What version are you using?

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    I have 1 online mailbox my inbox and 10 offline that quicksync at various intervals(some every hour, some up to 2 hours)
    I also set (possibly) the inbox to sleep from not sure if that preference is a blanket across the board for all mailboxes or just the inbox. Maybe having the inbox (online box) sleep while the other offline boxes still quick sync caused an issue?

    I'm using version v1.0.4rc4

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    pizza - Nothing wrong with that, I think. Does this still happen, after a reset?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pizzarascal
    How do you get around the 2-3hour window having fastmail pull from yahoo? I don't know if there is a workaround, but the free/cheaper accounts only pull/retrieve from pop accounts at you could have an email that hits your yahoo account that doesnt show up in fastmail for 2 hours later..not good if your using chatter or whatever to get your emails as they come.

    Also, having a different smtp server won't necessarily change the email address that your mail shows on outgoing mail. Chatter or any email client can be set up to have different profiles.
    Hope this helps instead of being something you already know...
    I just started fooling with this yesterday so I'm kinda new to the whole IMAP thing. The longest any message has taken to arrive so far is one minute - usually they arrive within 30 seconds. I'm using a paid Yahoo account and the base-level, free FastMail account. Since yesterday I've received about 50 messages and haven't noticed any lag. Maybe the difference is that I have Yahoo forwarding (pushing) messages it receives to FastMail. FastMail isn't pulling anything. I don't believe you can do that with a free Yahoo account.

    I think you and I are after opposite things regarding SMTP or I'm not understanding (knowing me, a distinct possibility). I want to retain my Yahoo address, even though the account is POP3, and have IMAP features. I have been able to achieve this with my current setup of FastMail and Yahoo and it hasn't cost me anything except the eventual cost of buying Chatter.
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    Everything seems back to normal after reset.
    Is it possible that I have too many offline folders trying to sync at the same time? If so, would changing the intervals help? (30 min. for 3 boxes, 1hour for another 3, etc.)

    I can't imagine the butler issue has anything to do with this, but...I'm no where close to being an expert in all things palm
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    MarkY, I was thinking about doing your same setup with Yahoo and FastMail. I was wondering about the Yahoo alias addresses though. When messages are forwarded from Yahoo that were sent to an alias, does the alias address or "base" address show up as "From"? I wanted to use the From field to automatically sort my emails into different Fastmail folders. For example, I use an alias address for all of my online shopping, this way when merchants send announcements my "Base" email account at Yahoo is not flooded by emails. I have Yahoo setup to automatically sort my emails into different folders depending on the alias I used. I have about 5 aliases.

    Also, do you find it cumbersome to reply to an email since you are forwarding email and can't simply press "reply" to respond to the original sender?

    Thanks for your help.
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    buirus - Until you mentioned it, I hadn't looked at the alias messages. Unfortunately sending a message to an alias shows that it originated from my base account. For me that's not a big deal but I can see where that would impact how you sort your mail.

    Regarding the replies; I am able to reply to the original sender simply by pressing the reply icon in Chatter. I don't have to readdress or anything. However, it just occurred to me that all my testing has been with one-to-one messages. I have yet to receive a message where I am part of a group and need to respond to everyone on the message. That might pose a problem but I'll have to wait until one comes across so I can look at it.
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    MarkY, thank you for the response. Quick quesiton about the reply though, I am not sure how you can simply press reply if you are forwarding messages from Yahoo to FastMail. Doesn't the from field say instead of the originator since it was forwarded? Or does Yahoo leave the originator name in the from field when forwarding?

    Thanks again for the help?
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    buirus - Yahoo leaves the originator in the 'To:' field when you click Reply. My Yahoo address does not show up in the 'To:' field when I press the Reply icon. I guess Yahoo is smart enough to know what you are doing.

    When I set this up I went into the Options section of my Yahoo account (online) and selected POP Access and Forwarding. Within there is a Forwarding section where I entered my FastMail address. It then sent a confirmation message with an access code and instructions on how to enter it at Yahoo. Once that was done, voila! The Yahoo process is somehow different than if you were to manually forward a message to someone.
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    I just tested and emails sent to Yahoo aliases show up with the alias address. This is great news for me because I can now create rules in FastMail that put incoming emails into the same folders that I defined in Yahoo.

    On a side note, does anyone have much experience with Fastmail's spam function? I have this yahoo address for many years so I get a good amount of spam per day but Yahoo does a good job of filtering it out. I am hoping that Fastmail also does a good job of spam filtering.

    Thank you.
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    Man?!? you guys have me really confused!!

    Lemme tell you guys my situation and let you come back at me with your opinions, in lehmans terms please.

    I get my work for the following day emailed to me around 5pm every night in word format. I have it sent to a free yahoo account. Now, occasionally I will be sent an email during my workday of any additional work orders that I need to complete. However, I am notified the email is coming, and these are sent in .pdf format. I wanna keep this as simple as possible too. What is my best option at minimal cost & how do I set it up?

    Mark.....u can chime in also and plug chatter to me if its what I need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mblank
    the difference is that GSM phones drop their data connections more quickly, and therefore tie up the phone a lot less for any given transfer of data.

    Before I Bought my Treo 650, I used my company issued T-mobile Sidekick and it didn't seem to have any limitations with only being able to dedicate the transmitter to the phone, or data sending
    Admittedly, I didnt use the phone much, but I never read anywhere that the above was the case... any one else have any thoughts or input??


    PS. Please let the record reflect that inspite of this Treo limitation, After using it, I would never go back to the Sidekick... Dunno what my company was thinking when they went with SK <??> No one gets a signal in the bulding where we work!! LOL and I also couldnot get a signal where I lived either! -Cheerz
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    Well, I listened and read everything on email issues while monitoring this site. Got my new 600 and installed Versamail. Coudn't figure out how to use, didn't appear to be ***** proof. Erased it, then downloaded the beta version of ChatterMail. I wanted POP access, as I have a Yahoo and a Hotmail account. Installed it, went through everything MBLANK said to do, but never found any box on the 2nd screen to set when to retrieve email. Apparently, it stayed active all the time, my battery died after about 6 hours, and I will have a nice fat bill this month. I unloaded the ChatterMail, and my Treo reverted to normal, battery recharges and kept the charge. Now I hear about FastMail, and Snappymail. How many mail programs are out there? And more importantly, how many must I try before I find one that is really simple, straightforward, and works?

    Uncle Dannie
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