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    Don't know of this is a result of:

    a) The Update
    b) The Screw Up from doing the update when ya don't disbale BackUpBuddy 1st
    c) Normal behavior

    But I notice that when do a Program Update now, say from version 3.09 to 3.10, if I forgot to move the old program from the card into memory or uninstall the old program that was on the SD card, I'd wind up with 2 copies of the program and the fix in the past was just to move the newer from internal memory to the card and write over it. Now it won't let me do that. It makes me manually delete it and more often than not at that point, PowerRun can' delete it and I gotta use FileZ to get rid of the old one before I can move it over from the card.
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    I updated Directory Assistant after the firmware update. It is installed to the SD card. I did not get 2 copies etc etc.
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    Oddly enough, I had to reinstall the Websphere J9 Java application on the system after the update for things to work (things = game) and I now find myself with two copies on the system (internal). I hate to just delete one without knowing the effects. Any ideas?
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