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    Hello everyone,

    I'm actually trying to find a horizontal case for the Treo 650. I actually love the look of it, it gives it a business look. Anyway i've looked at the side case that has Treo embedded on the lower corner of the case, the side case by Covertec Horizontal Case and also the E&B Copilot Horizontal Case. Both of which are on this site under the accessories. I was wondering which case actually gives the Treo 650 a nice and snug fit to it? I don't like it to have a lot of extra room while the phone is in the case. I personally like for it to be a snug feel to it. So if anyone could help me out with this. Also if any of you actually have and use one of the cases aforementioned and if so if you could give me feedback. I'd appreciate it.
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    I assume you've already read most or all of these posts.

    I have the Covertec Horizontal Case designed for the Treo 600. My 650 fits nice and snug. I have added egrips to my 650 and still no problems. My only complaint is that I wish the belt clip was a little tighter.
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    I highly recommend vajacases , I own the T65 i-volution in black with a grey back, custom case and expensive but worth every dollar.
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    Hey JimRohde,

    I clicked on the link but it didn't pull up anything. Could you fix that for me?
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    Take a look at the nutshell case by I have the verticle case and love it but I think I am going to give the horizontal one a try.
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    Hey Scottydon't... which horizontal case were you thinking of gettin?
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    For my treo 600, I just chose the Bellagio lateral case (and just posted a review). When I was choosing, the deciding factor was the clip. The belagio has a detachable, 360 swivel belt clip. The Covertec case and the palmOne Side Case both have plain style clips that don't detach, don't swivel, but are perhaps more general purpose. The E&B Case has only a belt loop, which means that you put the case on in the morning and take it off at night, so this was not an option to me.

    One nice feature of these cases is that the phone can go in and out of the case without unplugging the headset - however the palmOne side case stupidly does NOT permit this,
    there is a closed hole for the headset jack, instead of an open slot at the top of the case.

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