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    Can someone point me into the direction into getting a program that can make mp3 songs into ringtones? Thanks
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    Me too.......I want the alarm clock sequence from Pink Floyd's Money on there as my ringtone !!!!....That will make sure I get everyone really PO'd when the phone goes off in crowded room, conference room, movie or restaurant !!!

    Only kidding.....I just thought what would happen to the poor guy who had that and forgot to turn his phone off as etiquette demands. I wonder if you can add "phone rage" injuries to your insurance plan.
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    MP3 workshop free trial or $19.95 to buy
    Dexter Mp3 $40.00 to buy

    *Sorry I dont know of any free ones that work as good as these for cutting MP3, MP3 Workshop is more for the novice and and easy to use Dexter more professional and more buttons

    Of course after you make your ringtone you will need a ringtone player such as Ringo to play them.
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    MP3cutter (search google) has a demo which gives 1 minute of cut, this is usually ample for a ring tone, especially if you use something like Phone Technician to repeat, flash the LED and vibrate if you want lots of attention grabbers. Makes for a cheap method. You can use either MMPlayer or PTunes with Technician. I have tried the Nokia Converter to make AMR files but the quality is terribly poor and cannot be improved upon.
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    timexx8, so what you gave a link to is to cut mp3s? i can do that easily. So i need Ringo app to play the mp3s on the treo 650? Can you link me, thanks
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    oh, and one more thing, how would i go about putting a mp3 onto the handheld? I just tried to use "palm desktop" and go under media but it wouldnt let me add mp3. which program can do this?
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    This is the maker of Ringo , I do not have my mp3 rings on the handheld they are on my memory card which is always in the phone, if it is out I still have the vibrate

    Ringo Pro for Treo offers:


    Add amazing MP3 ringtones to your Treo

    Set personal ringtones and pictures for your friends

    Set personal SMS alert tones for friends

    Set different ringtones for address book groups

    Import ringtones from an SD card

    Compose new personal ringtones with our unique ringtone mixer

    Download free MP3 ringtones direct from your Treo

    Purchase and download polyphonic ringtones "over the air"

    Get spoken announcements of incoming calls (with optional EPSpeak)
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    2 possibly stupid questions after having used MP3 workshop.

    1. Does Treo 650 support .wav ringtones?

    2. .Wav files are huge, am I crazy or will 2 1 min .wavs consume all the memory on my Treo? What's the solution here?
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    Okay I answered my own questions by even compressed, wavs are memory hogs (300k for 30 sec).
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    Quote Originally Posted by masonuc
    Okay I answered my own questions by even compressed, wavs are memory hogs (300k for 30 sec).
    Can someone verify this: I thought .wav files were smaller than .mp3 files of the same bitrate.
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    Quote Originally Posted by technomarina
    Can someone point me into the direction into getting a program that can make mp3 songs into ringtones? Thanks
    here is what you need.

    mp3ringer or lightwav midi/wav/mp3/ogg ringtone managers

    you will need an mp3 player like PocketTunes or AeroPlayer.

    all you do is install the ringtone manager and the audio player into ram then hotsync your native mp3 files to the card and configure the ringtone. both mp3ringer and lightwav lets you put wav and mp3 in ram for PocketTunes.

    Lightwav also does full screen jpg and gif animation callerID plus lightwav can block voice callerID too!!

    check them out at
    Want mp3/wav ringtones , Audio and Video recording for your Treo600/650? visit
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    OK, I almost started a new topic, but the built in search found this thread so I will post here.

    I have been using an MP3 Slicer program that is so easy to use. I did a google search for MP3 Slicer, and I believe it's the first link. Its Version 1.2. You can PM me for the registration code, or just pay the $10 which is really worth it from the work that the owner put into it.

    I also downloaded an MP3/wave editor program for free from another site. I don't know the name off the top of my head as I'm at work. A wave/MP3 editing program is useful because it helps to do fade ins and outs, as well as adjusting volume/gains and you can add a whole slew of effects like reverb and flange, etc.

    Ringtones are perfect at 30 seconds long. The MP3 slicer allows you to find the part of the track that you want to hear as the ringtone.

    Again, PM me and I will try to respond as soon as possible.
    I am equivalent to a man dammit.
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    Thanks for the info
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    Yes thanks also, I had a friend who was looking for this.
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    minitones or musictones both are free and will convert mp3s to ringtones

    music tones is a tad newer.
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    Thanks for the good links!

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