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    In my quest to have a Bluetooth Car kit in my Z3 Coupe, I spent some time researching car kits, specifically ones that work with the Treo 650, and how to install them.

    Finally purchased a Parrot CK3000 and found that I'd need a wiring harness to make it plug and play in my coupe. The custom-made Autolead harness for the BMW Business CD Radio and the Parrot CK3000 Bluetooth Kit. It took alot time to install, but I have to say the results are fantastic! Many thanks to Sio Communications, for getting me the harness and also providing ideas on how to get the Parrot to work properly in the coupe. Below are pics of the install and some basic direction.

    First, you need to remove the radio, glove box trim and glove box unit from the Z3. Once that is

    done your beautiful car will look like this...

    An essential part of the install, the Autolead SOT060. Without this, my life would have been alot worse, worth every penny.

    Next, the tricky part, plug in the Autolead harness to the radio, car and Parrot kit. Everything works! But, the sound is horrible!!! Loud, echos, etc. Turns out the coupe's HK sound system is taking the Parrot sound and amplifying it too much. So, Trying various resistors in the Autolead harness (wired into the positive side of each speaker) reveals that 4.4kohm resistors provide good sound. So these get soldered in as shown.

    The Blue and red wire at the bottom of the picture is going into pin 4 on the radio... the 'Mute'!

    I soldered Parrot's yellow mute wire to this. Now when the kit is in a call, the radio displays

    'Phone' as seen here...

    Ok. once everything works, route the microphone and remote control wiring. I installed the microphone in the headliner and the remote control on the right side of the Z3 dash where there was a knockout slot. I think it looks great.

    Microphone in headliner

    Remote control on dash

    Feed all the wires behind the dash, zip tie them neatly as possible and find a good spot to locate the Parrot control unit. Z3's have a nice little spot on the passenger side dash behind the glove box. The control unit fit perfectly there, and I used velcro and sticky tape to secure it.

    The control unit is that little black box at the bottom of the pic. Wires plug in for the microphone, power, and speaker output. All the wires are running behind the dash and into the radio area. It was a tight fit!

    Now bolt up the radio, and put the dash back together, testing everything along the way to make sure no wires come loose. (No chance of that, I soldered, used heat-shrink tubing and wrapped wire connections in electrical tape!)

    The completed installation...

    And the verdict? I am very happy. The kit works well, and looks good in my car. In fact, if you weren't looking, you wouldn't know there was a Bluetooth kit, which in the Z3 coupe is a good thing due to the tight spaces. The remote is easily reachable whilst driving, though with a good Bluetooth enabled handset, you just talk to the car to make calls. The fun part?? The voice controls are programmable! So, you can say "Hang up" to drop a call or bounce an incoming call to voicemail.. or, you could program "Bugger off!" . Activate a call by saying "Telephone" answer an incoming call the same way... or record a new command like "Subspace link"! Heh!

    When dailing out, you say the name of the person you want to call and where, (mobile, home, work, etc) The Parrot sends this info to your phone and in a few seconds you're chatting away and haven't touched anything. These features worked very well with my SonyEricsson T610 handset, but not at all with my Treo 650. (Doh! Palm, fix Bluetooth in the Treo so I can do voice activated dialing!!) In the next few weeks, I'll test some other handsets to see which ones work best.

    Happy Bluetoothing!
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    Great install. I was thinking of doing this in my GTI but alas, no "Mute" input; and I'm not about ready to splice all of my wires.

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    If your VW uses the quadlock plugs, you can get a harness from Sio Communications...

    If you need a different harness, email Terry, he was quite helpful.

    You don't need the mute wire as the Parrot kit does this automatically. In a BMW, using the extra mute wire is just for show, it puts the 'Phone' display up!
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    Z3: Could you repost the pics of the install? I am finally going to get around to installing my kit. Also how has this been for ou, since you have spent some time with it now.

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